We combine traditional natural farming methods with advanced state of the art technology. Smart Farms Asia does not only produce tastier and healthier organic products, but we help by reducing the carbon footprint and can produce up to 50 % more yield per crop than traditional farming techniques in place right now.

We are looking to re-shape and improve the lives of farmers and farm owners by modernizing farming techniques and methods in the Philippines using smart farming technology while producing great tasting  vegetables and herbs for  our members

This in Turn will :

  • Lower labor costs associated with farming
  • Provide accurate data for future decision making
  • Increase crop production and yield
  • Increase profits by up to 80%
  • Create a more efficient sales and marketing channel for produce
  • Smoother logistic and supply chain
  • Produce tastier and healthier organic  produce for export
  • Create more jobs and opportunities
  • Increase knowledge and  know how for farmers and farm owners