Smart Farms Asia?

Smart Farms Asia is an agriculture social enterprise that integrates smart farming with a social farming management platform that connects local farmers to markets and provides the ability to smartly manage their farms and assist in selling their crops locally and globally.

The Smart Farms Asia Box

Smart Farms Asia goal is to create a low cost yet highly productive and efficient organic farm where farmers will have the tools and equipment available to start a profitable organic farm. Called the Smart Farm Box this box allows individuals, businesses, communities and new farmers the tools required to start, grow, and manage a profitable vegetable and crop farm of the future, regardless of geographic location or size of the farm. Based on 20 foot customized box easy to transport and build, each Smart Farm Box contains a complete set of tools and smart farm technologies to help with production and productivity of the farm; from plant sensors, specially selected seeds, renewable power, solar-based water pump, to information and Communications Technology.

The Smart Farm Box is not just a box filled with farm tools and equipment, but a social network platform that enables farmers to communicate with each other using our special integrated software that links all The Smart Farm Boxes together, this enables farmers to share ideas, sell together, solve problems and even share profits on particular harvests together.

The Smart Farm Box is a turnkey farm kit. In which the farm of the future can be used for a variety of uses.

  • New Farmers and existing Farmers who want to quickly set up a brand new farm
  • For underdeveloped areas
  • Farm-to-table food for employees, restaurants, and business
  • Urban and remote setups
  • Hotel, Resort and grocery store chains
  • Turn unproductive land into a profitable farming business
  • Addressing the needs for organic vegetables and herbs

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